In the Hot Seat with Abraham-Hicks

Wow! What an amazing day! I woke up at 4 am in Palm Desert and tried to get my act together as fast as I could. I debated if I should shower but a voice inside me simply said “NO”. I realized I needed to get going if I wanted to make it to the 9 am Abraham-Hicks seminar in Phoenix. I thought to myself, though, no problem. The navigational system on my phone said it was going to take less than four hours to get to Phoenix and so I would have no problems arriving before the workshop starts. Or so I thought.

I finally got in the car and left at 4:22 am. I decided I was going to listen to Eckart Tolle on my way to Phoenix and that’s what I did. I found a recording with more than 3 hours of compilations of his lectures and I am happy to report that it enlightened my path from dark to dawn. It was fascinating to hear him talk about manifestations and that we need to be happy first in order to realize them. In his words, a desire needs to be approached at as a preference. According to Abraham, everything we want, be it a lover, a new car, money … is simply because we believe that in the having of it, we will feel better/happy. The secret is to feel happy in the now. So, Abraham and Eckart Tolle are actually saying something very similar in regards to being able to manifest.

Eckart Tolle went on to say that some people view and utilize the present moment (the Now) as a means to an end, but since the end never comes (when I win the lottery, I will be happy – kind of end), life just passes by and the Now slips away without being fully lived. We need to find a way to be fully present.

And so it was, that I crossed the border with Arizona listening to teachings on how to be in the Now, just to realized that California and Arizona are in different time zones. The Now was one hour ahead and I had missed it. I may have known that before, but it didn’t cross my mind until I looked at the navigational system on my phone. Yes, all of a sudden I was late for the workshop. I mentally send Abraham a note. Wait for me!

I arrived at the hotel in Phoenix where the workshop was taking place just after 9 am. I ran to the registration desk and the women behind the desk told me that Abraham had started speaking 11 minutes before. I grabbed my badge and got inside as fast as I could. Esther Hicks was on the stage – Abraham giving his introductory speech before opening the forum for questions. I noticed that as I was coming in, I was noticed by Abraham. Were they waiting for me?

I just had enough time to find a seat on the very back of the room when Abraham finished the intro speech and opened the floor for questions. I raised my hand. Normally, my hand doesn’t feel like an energy field, but this morning it did. I felt like I was holding a torch. The energy was vibrating from my hand in all directions. And then Abraham looked at me and said. YOU!

Note: If you haven’t been to an Abraham-Hicks workshop, it is composed of four hours. The intro speech is followed by participant questions. If Abraham selects you to ask a question, you walk to the stage and sit in a chair in front of them and the whole entire audience.

I got up and dragged myself to the stage to sit on the hot seat. Unfortunately, I got nervous and told Abraham about it. They simply said: DON’T!

My question was: “I just resigned my job and given that you are infinite intelligence, now what?”

And, I can’t remember much of the answer. I was nervous and it all made sense at the time, but it all now seemed like a dream. I remember looking at Esther’s eyes and seeing Abraham. Her eyes conveyed a depth that was very noticeable. It was a depth of connectedness, something I had seen before when being looked at by Amma, the “Hugging Saint”. I felt naked but also at home. I also remember thinking how beautiful Esther looked and that her black and blue garment gave her an ethereal vibe.

I will be counting he days until I get the recording and find out what Abraham had to say. I promise to write down the answer here when that happens. So, keep tuned in.


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