Buddha’s To Do List

Is life causing you stress? Have you ever wished for peace of mind? Internal peace is a direct result of presence. When we stop the train of thoughts that is continuously moving through our heads, we become free of worry and anxiety about past and future. We are present with ourselves and the world around us.

The challenge we face is how to become present and remain so in a dynamic and fast-paced world. Unpleasant situations at home, in the office, and other aspects of our existence cause us to believe that life is our nemesis.

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In this refreshing new book, Angelo Daniel turns this viewpoint upside-down by revealing the enlightening power of a list of actions known in Buddhism as the Ten Wholesome Actions, which are intended to create good karma in one’s life. In fact, it is believed that their practice leads to enlightenment.

The Ten Wholesome Actions are:

  1. Celebrate Life
  2. Practice Generosity
  3. Practice Sexual Intimacy
  4. Speak the Truth
  5. Speak Positive Words
  6. Speak Kindly
  7. Cultivate Silence, Within and Without
  8. Cultivate Abundance
  9. Cultivate Benevolence
  10. Cultivate Clarity

As you choose to relate to the world through these actions, you will enhance your well-being and begin seeing the world for what it truly is:

A place where love abounds and in which adversity leads to growth.

Join Angelo and walk in Buddha’s footsteps toward enlightenment – one action at a time. Wake up to the power within, go beyond suffering and embrace the life you always wanted.

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An easy read about complex thoughts which will continue to serve you long after you finish the book. What a great book! I rarely read “teaching” books because they mostly just tell me what I should do, but not how it might make me feel happier and more peaceful. I really appreciated how Angelo Daniel Allegri wove his life experiences throughout which gave the information context. I can’t wait for Angelo’s next book!

A must read for anyone interested in Buddhism. After reading Buddha’s To Do List I find myself more excited than ever to explore my own journey to enlightenment. Author Angelo Daniel Allegri shares his gift as a story teller and brings to life the Ten Wholesome Actions. This book will bring you closer to experience happiness and joy. You will find a place of quiet celebration within after reading this great addition to the lexicon of Buddha.

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Book Exert on Meditation (pages 57 through 59)

Meditation is an excellent way to clear the mind. The idea is to keep thoughts from taking over by sitting down in silence and focusing on an anchor. Whether your eyes are closed or not, the anchor may be as simple as your inhales and exhales. It can also be an external white noise, a mantra which is recited internally, or the flickering flame of a candle. I find it useful to feel the energy or life force in my hands.

Even though you are determined to focus your attention on an anchor, thoughts will eventually break through your meditation practice, and it may be a few minutes before you realize what just happened. That’s all right! The moment you find out that you lost yourself in thought and gained focus once again is when the miracle of meditation happens—that’s the moment of awareness.

Since I usually find it difficult to sit down and immediately quiet my mind, I always begin my meditation by affirming to myself who I am. I am sharing this with you here since I believe it will help you focus on the anchor of your choice when you feel it’s time.

When I sit down, I pay attention to my posture. Keeping a straight spine helps immensely. It is believed that if your body is bent slightly frontward that you will start feeling sleepy and, conversely, that pride and arrogance will arise if it is bent slightly backward.

Close your eyes and start by paying attention to your breath. After three deep inhales and exhales, say to yourself with your inner voice:

I am love!

As you say that, imagine that as you inhale, your body is filling with love, from head to toe. Feel the love in you as you exhale. Repeat it two more times. Once you have done that three times, repeat the meditation, but say to yourself:

I am joy!

Repeat that process three times while paying attention to your breath and feel as your entire body is filling with joy. Do the same thing for the following affirmations:

I am happiness!

I am light!

I am fun!

I am clarity!

I am appreciation!

I am satisfaction!

I am eagerness!

And once more go back to:

I am love!

After repeating it three times, exhale and say to yourself with the next three inhales:

I am!

When done, focus on the anchor of your choice. Or, feel free to repeat all affirmations until you feel ready to move on. You’re welcome to change their order and add your own to the list. I usually do this practice until I get to a space in which my expectations about what may happen next subside. I also know I can proceed when I feel I have established kindness for my mind and the meditative process per se.

As with many things in life, meditation requires consistency and perseverance. Aim to sit quietly for 15 minutes and go from there.


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