Three uplifting books by Angelo Daniel


Water People


CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. The question is: What should you and I do about it? We can put our heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening or assume our responsibility as caretakers of our home, the planet. Given that we are at a crossroads, our actions will determine not only the fate of civilization as we know it but also the survival of the human race in the long term.


Water People invites you to join a group of water-loving souls led by Ethos and Soma as they reincarnate on Earth to create and manifest their vision for our beautiful blue planet. One in which people not only have access to a constant source of safe and clean water but also treat each other and the environment with respect. Witness the unfolding of the spirit world’s response to climate change. Become part of a compassionate movement that will empower the human race to do its share to ensure our planet remains an oasis for life in physical form to flourish and thrive for millennia to come.

Perfect for fans of Eckart Tolle and Marianne Williamson, Water People will inspire you to manifest the change you want to see in the world from a place of love and compassion for the environment, others, and, more importantly, yourself.

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Buddha’s To Do List

In this refreshing new book, Angelo reveals the enlightening power of a list of actions known in Buddhism as the Ten Wholesome Actions: 

  1. Celebrate Life
  2. Practice Generosity
  3. Practice Sexual Intimacy
  4. Speak the Truth
  5. Speak Positive Words
  6. Speak Kindly
  7. Cultivate Silence, Within and Without
  8. Cultivate Abundance
  9. Cultivate Benevolence
  10. Cultivate Clarity

These feel-good actions are intended to bring presence into your life, raise the vibration of your being, and make it easier for you to align with your higher self.

As you choose to relate to the world through these actions, you will begin seeing the world for what it truly is: A place where love abounds and in which adversity leads to growth.

Join Angelo and walk in Buddha’s footsteps toward enlightenment – one action at a time. Wake up to the power within, go beyond suffering and embrace the life you always wanted.

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Inhale, Exhale, Repeat

You are invited to breathe deeply with Angelo as he travels initially by himself through the canyons of the US Southwest, and then together with his mother, through Brazil, Singapore, India, Nepal, and Hawaii. All the while, Angelo reflects back on his life situations that led him to search for a deeper sense of connection with the source within himself.

This book is for anyone who believes that it’s possible to overcome sorrow with love and compassion for others, and more importantly, for oneself, and that it is possible to choose joy over suffering. Whether a shift in perspective over a negative situation is achieved through self-inquiry, mindfulness, prayer, or meditation, they all rely on a personal desire to feel better.

As Angelo goes within to confront his past, you will appreciate his gentle but firm determination to find inner peace and appreciation for what is. You will also enjoy the relationship dynamics between Angelo and his mother as they get to know each other through the power of friendship, even though Mothers will always be Mothers.

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