Inhale, Exhale, Repeat

Have you ever experienced loss or adversity in your life? Did you have a hard time overcoming it? In this groundbreaking book, Angelo Daniel Allegri takes you around the world on a spiritual journey in search of clarity after experiencing loss and tribulation.

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You are invited to breathe deeply with Angelo as he travels initially by himself through the canyons of the United States’ Southwest, and then together with his mother, through India and Nepal.

Inhale, Exhale, Repeat is for anyone who believes that it’s possible to overcome sorrow with love and compassion for others, and more importantly, for oneself, and that it is possible to choose joy over suffering. Whether a shift in perspective over a negative situation is achieved through self-inquiry, mindfulness, prayer or meditation, they all rely on a personal desire to feel better.

As Angelo goes within to confront his past, you will appreciate his gentle but firm determination to find inner peace and appreciation for what is. You will also enjoy the relationship dynamics between Angelo and his mother as they get to know each other through the power of friendship, even though Mothers will always be Mothers.

Sample Reviews

I love this book. Angelo shares his inner and outer journey with generosity, humor and sincerity. At times I laughed out loud. At other times, I was amazed at this Brazilian-American man’s journey, courage and insights into the human condition.

The start of the wonderful book captivates you in the first pages and pulls you along with the Author during his awakened adventure through out India and Nepal. I love the connection between mother and son and how this relationship gets stronger with adversity and challenges. The spiritual insights are born of real life experience and shared from the heart. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to gain their power back, lift up their spirits and see the world anew.

With mom in Varanasi – morning boat ride on the Ganges river

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