Part 7. Sunny Hawaii

Entry 65: Back in the United States

Our initial flight to Singapore lasted a little over four hours, but we were looking forward to going back. Someone told us that Singapore is a breath of fresh air after a trip to India, and it is true. I was also told its airport is considered the best in the world. It is clean, organized, and vast.

We are now in Palm Springs, and both of us are still acclimating. We saw and experienced life and its many aspects in a very intense way. India and Nepal are both an attack on the senses, whereas America is not



Entry 66: Waiting for my Brother

Soon enough we were on our way to the Yogananda Meditation Gardens on Sunset Boulevard. Wow! The place is so enchanting!

Our next stop was the Getty Villa, another place I had never been. It was closed for renovation when I lived here. With its magnificent artwork from the Etrurian, Roman, and Greek civilizations, stunning and peaceful grounds, it is a remarkable place.


Entry 67: The Spirit of Aloha

When we arrived yesterday, we were a little groggy after waking up at 4:30 a.m. for our drive to the airport and then a six-hour flight to Maui.



Entry 68: Our Blue Planet

It is hard not to be peaceful in Maui if you are here on vacation, that is. I can’t imagine being here and having to work all day in an enclosed space. Hawaii begs for you to be outside.