Part 2. Colorful Brazil

Entry 24: Happy in Porto Alegre

Someone asked me what I miss the most about Brazil, besides my family and friends. I immediately answered, “The Jacaranda trees!” They are everywhere. In some streets, they create amazing green tunnels, which turn purple whenever the trees are flowering.


Entry 25: The Grassy Area

I remember coming here as a kid and feeling in awe with all the German style buildings and the natural beauty of the place. It is truly a gem.

At some point, my brother drew my attention to a large tree a few steps away from the trail. He had spotted a big red and white splash of color in the tree’s trunk. We got closer and took a few moments inspecting it. My brother then told me it was a fungus and that the only reason it was red is that the air here is exceptionally pure. That was very cool. I don’t remember seeing that type of fungus before.



Entry 26: Organic Garden

My dad’s garden has zucchini, pumpkin, garlic, collard greens, beets, carrots, radish, mustard greens, and so on, and is not irrigated since it frequently rains here. With all the sheep, there is plenty of compost around to make the soil rich in nutrients for this bonanza of vegetables.


Entry 27: Coming Back to the US – with Mom

A new terminal at the international airport in Sao Paulo was built just in time for the 2014 World Cup. It is shiny, big and spacious.


Palm Springs is an oasis – it feels like a mirage in the middle of the desert.

Mom posing for pictures in Palm Desert’s main street: El Paseo.